99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars

When you want to dress well, a question inevitably arises: what are the best brands of men’s clothing? The answer is bound to vary from person to person, according to individual tastes.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars, But to help you find great men’s clothing, we’ve tried to provide you with a complete guide of 100 brands to know… or to avoid.

Our opinion on the leading brands of men’s clothing in France

 As a fashion and lifestyle blog for men, we like to make you discover new nuggets on Masculin.com: young brands that are launching themselves, inventive designers …

In the men’s clothing department, we have already told you (among others) about Benjamin Jezequel, Monsieur Falzar, or Cuisse de Grenouille. So much proof that the French “fashion sphere” is doing well; thank you for it.

But daily, when you want to buy men’s clothing, individual ready-to-wear shops and brands become essential. Right or wrong. Very often, we receive emails asking for our opinion on pants of a specific brand or to know if this store is worth it or not.

So, to help you find your way around, here are a top 100 men’s clothing brands that you’ve probably come across one day. Brands to favor… or not!

The following classification has been established according to objective criteria – finally, the most accurate possible: product quality, value for money… The brands are listed in alphabetical order.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars

Abercrombie & Fitch

Just because a brand is trendy doesn’t mean it’s qualitative. The proof here. OK, we put you in the mood with attractive salespeople. But when it comes to men’s clothing, we are sticking to a very teenage style and pieces not cut to last. Marketing is king here, fashion a little less. Pity!


The acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions. If Scandinavian brands are popular in France today, ACNE is a pioneer in this area. A touch of sportswear, many unisex pieces, refinement, and quality. A nice atypical cocktail for a brand that does not go through the buttons … even if we regret the slightly high prices.

Adidas Originals

Driven by the comeback of the Stan Smiths, the 3-stripe brand is surfing the vintage trend by offering reinterpretations of its classic wardrobe. The result is… traditional, but perfectly acceptable in an urban-sportswear look. Especially since the quality is there

Alain Figaret

The fiftieth-anniversary brand (created in 1968) is one of the best for men’s shirts. The style is elegant, the cut classic, adjusted, or more “contemporary.”

In all cases, wearing a Figaret shirt is guaranteed to have class (especially if the shirt is suitable for your body type). For men on a slightly smaller budget (count 115 euros for a Figaret shirt), you can trust Hast (more on this below) or The Nines.


Alexandre Mattiussi chose to create his brand in 2011. Quickly became a crucial figure in the French fashion, he offered men’s clothing worthy of Fashion Week and yet comfortable to wear daily.

The pieces are a bit expensive, but the designer brings a real breath of fresh air to the streetwear universe. In our eyes, this is truly one of the best men’s fashion brands in 2020. And what’s more, it’s French!

Antony Morato

Here’s a name you’ve no doubt come across on the Net: Antony Morato has been ubiquitous on most male e-shops around 2015 (before fading somewhat).

The Italian brand always offers entry-level: the style is not wrong, the quality is not top, but the price is reasonable. You have been warned.

Armand Thiery

Founded in Belgium in 1841 (!), The brand has tried to refresh its image in recent years. The offer is still very classic, in line with what a brand like Brice can offer, for example. “Daddy’s fashion,” some will say… but it does the job well!

Armor Lux

A fine example of French fashion. Armor Lux is THE brand of the striped sweater, but there are also beautiful knitted pieces there. The prices may seem high but correspond to the quality of the clothing offered. One regret: that not all clothes have the “made in France” label.


The British e-shop has made a name for itself in France. On Asos, there are pieces with a purely British style, in everything quirky. The quality has nothing to envy H&M, for example, and the prices are at least as attractive. The originality on top of that. For lovers of online shopping, this is a brand of reference.


Balibaris is the small French brand that has been on the rise for a few years. And while it deserved the status of a little nugget for a long time, we are a bit more satisfied today. Is this the price of success?

If the basics are always in the spotlight in an elegant style, the prices have also gone up … A little too much for our taste and especially to the detriment of the quality. So, yes, Balibaris remains a good brand, but to be preferred during the sales.


The cult Italian brand of the 1990s somewhat faded from circulation at the start of the 21st century. The appointment of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac as an artistic director has given it new life.

In any case, today, Benetton remains a brand in which you can take an interest: the prices are reasonable and the quality variable … but the colors are always there!


Bershka belongs to the Inditex Group (like Zara and Pull & Bear). Information is enough to understand the positioning of a brand that offers men’s clothing at the forefront of fashion, but the quality sometimes leaves something to be desired. Fortunately, the prices are correct. After all, that’s fast fashion.


Bexley made shoes. Today, the Lyon brand (acquired in 2017 by the LBO France fund) offers a complete wardrobe, from leather jackets to suits, including polo shirts, Bermuda shorts, chinos, and trenches. She continued her facelift in 2020 and is pulling away from Lodging, to whom she has long been compared.

Formal and casual styles come together for pieces with natural finishes that, above all, benefit from good value for money. Mostly since the second part purchased is always offered at a more attractive price.

Bonne Bouche

In 2007, BonneGueule was just a little fashion blog for men. Today, our Parisian friends are the benchmark for men’s style.

From simple “fashion advice,” Benoît Wojtenka, Geoffrey Bruyère, and their team have moved on to the brand, which creates its own men’s clothing. If the result seemed chic to us even austere in the first collections, BonneGueule knew how to diversify, offering, in particular, striped joggers, an elegant Saharan, or a very nice suit. The quality is there, and you get what you pay for. And we don’t say that because we like working with them!

Le Official Store – LBO

The Official Boutique is an e-shop that boasts “the largest selection of trendy men’s clothing.” Streetwear style is in the spotlight, for better or for worse.

To strengthen its legitimacy, the store has created its brand, LBO, with one ambition: to offer “the urban style par excellence.” For better and for worse…


The first name is not very trendy. The collections are a little more so for some time. For quality, we will assign a “can do better.”

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars

C& A

C & A. Like “cheap” and “acceptable.” In terms of style, we can still find cool pieces. But nothing more.

Calvin Klein

A Calvin Klein fashion show is cool. On the other hand, the pieces offered in ready-to-wear boutiques are a little less so. This brand is, unfortunately, too often overvalued, especially in terms of price. Too bad, because in terms of style, there are also some fascinating pieces.


Classic chic, good basics: the price is a tad high for a brand that does not stand out. But as the shirts and pants are well cut and know how to highlight you, it’s OK! In any case, Carven deserves much better than some of his sisters often acclaimed by men.


Celio has moved up (slightly) in range, not only within its Celio Club line framework. As a result, the brand remains more qualitative than Jules and can look towards Devred or even Zara. Afterward, do not hesitate to sort it out because all the parts are not equal.


A brand that we can’t help but love. Especially since it offers charming jackets. Too bad the price is a bit too high.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars

Comme Les Gracons

The Japanese label “tell it” a bit, but has a real identity. Very anchored in streetwear, the collections are, however, aimed at the most affluent budgets, with T-shirts for more than 250 euros and blazers for more than 1000 euros in the mainline Comme des Garçons Homme.

Count 100 to 200 euros for a shirt from the Comme des Garçons Play line, immediately recognizable by its logo with a red heart.

Paris Commune 1871

A brand that we can’t seem to dislike (bis). And even a brand that we like. Modern, sometimes classy, ​​sometimes sassy. In short, French fashion as we would like to see it more often!


COS stands for “Collection of Style.” The little sister of H & M takes more or less the ingredients that made the brand’s success, with trendy men’s clothing of suitable quality.

The prices charged by COS are a little higher than at H&M, but we like the clean and minimalist pieces on offer.

De Fursac

If you are looking for an excellent costume at an affordable price (from 450 euros), the De Fursac brand is for you. The style is sober and chic; the quality is at the rendezvous. In short, the gist is there: one of the best brands of men’s suits!


An inimitable style (but too often imitated) and recognizable among a thousand. Unfortunately. It might be nice at first, but it gets boring quickly like a bad song by Maître Gims or Coldplay.

Devred 1902

By not renewing himself too much, Devred saw Celio come back on his heels. Both brands offer similar products. Here again, there is, therefore, some good and some not so good. Sometimes fair value for money… and sometimes not good.


Workwear, streetwear, and a purely American style reminiscent of Carhartt. Failing to be subtle, Dickies offers very masculine pieces that age well over time. Like Carhartt!


In both fashion and automotive, Diesel was very popular in France (and rightly so). And then, we ended up wondering if this excitement was justified. So much so that today we don’t quite know what to think about it. Yes, it’s not bad, but couldn’t we find better elsewhere?

Black Flag

We spoke to you about the Drapeau Noir brand in 2015 for the first time on Masculin. A few years later, we are still seduced by the shirts and jackets of excellent quality. Affordable high-end, made in Europe, that’s great!


Twins Dean and Dan Caten have been a hit with many at Fashion Week, with colorful and inventive catwalks. But if originality and quality are there, the prices deserve to be lowered. Come on, brothers, make an effort, please!

Eden Park

A brand created by rugby players… but not just for rugby players. Some polo shirts and shirts are cool. It should also be noted that the knot brand has succeeded in integrating pink into the men’s wardrobe. It was not a foregone conclusion!


Very popular with skaters, the Element brand has been able to make its ecological fiber speak to seduce the public, boasting of using 100% natural materials. The style is quite ordinary, but the clothes are comfortable, trustworthy, and not too expensive! Definitely one of the best streetwear fashion brands.

Eleven Paris

Do not believe that the brand is limited to mustache t-shirts. Do not think that the brand is determined to mustache t-shirts. Do not believe that the brand is limited to mustache t-shirts. Well, Eleven hasn’t done anything better since then and has even almost disappeared, having been put into receivership in early 2017. Where’s the talent, where’s he?

Fortunately, after dark years, the French brand seems (finally!) To reinvent itself. She even created her protective masks in 2020. Come on, we still want to believe it because the quality was (is?) At the rendezvous!

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars


1 Faguo bought = one tree planted! A neutral carbon footprint. Faguo’s story began in 2009 with a beautiful collection of canvas shoes. Since then, the wardrobe has grown, and the French brand (which belongs to the Eram group) is one of the trendiest at the moment. One of our favorites, too!

Fred Perry

At Fred Perry, the great classic is the polo shirt. And all this is very well done, and at reasonable prices. Today, we would just like the brand to reinvent itself a bit. The collaborations with Raf Simons and Comme des Garçons have given a new lease of life, but it could go even further!


Elegance is not the embodiment of # DouxEuphémisme. So it’s hard to recommend it to you, even if the price-performance ratio is not outrageous.

Galeries Lafayette

The eponymous brand offers men’s clothing in its image: preferably well made, in a neat style … but a little expensive. It remains a safe bet in men’s fashion.


A style halfway between Europe and the United States. Pretty knitwear, beautiful jackets, and trendy collections.


The brand can sometimes seem sad, yet the quality is always there, especially on sweatshirts and chinos. For entry-level, Gap is an excellent reference.

La Gentle Factory

At Jules, the Gentle Factory took its first steps in 2013, before gaining its independence in 2019. “Made in France” and eco-responsible fashion are still the watchwords.

Over time, the brand has moved upmarket, and the quality has improved: if you are looking for beautiful men’s clothing made in France, this is a perfect choice.


British chic style as we like it. No frills, fair prices: Hackett shirts and chinos will quickly find a place in your wardrobe.


We’ve told you before, but we’ll repeat it: we like Hast shirts. The fit is at least as good as the value for money. Good news, right? The icing on the cake: the brand now offers a complete wardrobe, from shirts to underwear!


A benchmark for cashmere pieces. If the material has returned to the forefront in men’s fashion, it probably owes a lot to Hircus sweaters.


Do we need to introduce the Swedish giant to you? H&M men’s clothing is not expensive, and the quality is very uncertain, especially in the t-shirt department. By shopping in one of the many stores of the brand, you will be sure to have fashionable clothes … that you will potentially find in the wardrobe of your neighbor, your postman, or any other man around you.

For an (a little) more pointed style, choose H & M’s high-end brand, COS. For Collection Of Style. Ah, yes, we have already told you …

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars


Abercrombie’s little sister. Or the Californian style endlessly declined. Read the first opinion of this classification again; it is also valid here.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss offers the right costumes. Simple, basic. But as for Calvin Klein, the brand plays on its hyper known name, and its pieces are too often overestimated. But the scents are still lovely for the youngest of you.


We love everything at IKKS: the chic style, the well-designed men’s clothing overall, the variety of pieces on offer… Oh no, sorry, the price, we don’t like it.


A name is now well known to men looking for a suit. Perfect for a first suit, less for the more experienced. Clearly positioned at the top of the range, Izac should perhaps revise its pricing policy downwards to seduce us better.


It’s a bit expensive, it’s not very original … and yet the J.Crew brand offers beautiful pieces for lovers of a casual look. Especially the chinos.

Jack & Jones

Given the low offer prices, Jack & Jones is doing quite well by offering quality trendy men’s clothing. Not puncture-proof, of course, but these can primarily last several seasons. At least you know what to expect!


When many brands are moving upmarket, Jules seems to have finally woken up and is starting to follow suit with his little comrades. Change of logo, change of communication: the quality increases slightly, even if we stay on the entry-level.

As long as the prices remain correct, we won’t say anything, especially as we like one-off collaborations.


We tend to think that the brand founded by Kenzo Takada enjoys an overrated reputation. To bling-bling to be chic. Too bad, because there is potential.

La Redoute

No, La Redoute is not just the catalog that once made you fantasize (at least for its “lingerie” pages). Yes, La Redoute offers men’s clothing under its brand. But we tend to just look at them in the catalog. Or the website.


If you assume the brocade crocodile on the chest, you can still find pieces that are worth it at Lacoste (and especially polo shirts, of course!). But today, the brand pleases us primarily through its urban line Lacoste L! Ve.

Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq can thank the vintage trend. The official sponsor of AS Saint-Etienne beautifully revisits the sporting style, especially in its collections inspired by the Tour de France.

By refocusing on “made in France,” the gallinacean brand has made a winning bet. We can only appreciate it. Too bad the whole range is not made in France …


Here is arguably the brand that best bears its name in this guide. LePantalon fits into the pants, but above all, in the quality. It is one of our favorite brands right now!

Le French Brief

Here too, the brand was aptly named when it was created. But today, Le Slip Français doesn’t just dress up your most intimate parts but also offers sweaters, T-shirts, and even jackets. Most? 100% French manufacture for a label proud of its origins.

Le Cherry Season

Those wondering what happened to the Japan Rags brand know that it was bought by Le Temps des Cerises, which is therefore not only for the fairer sex. The quality is uneven, but jeans are still available at affordable and high-quality prices.


The 501 has long been a staple. They remain THE benchmark jeans known to all. But if this model and the others are very well cut, that is not enough. There are plenty of other denim brands doing just as well today. And apart from jeans, it is hard to be won over… It just goes to show that it is not acceptable to rest on your laurels!

Lyle & Scott

Another beautiful representative of the British style. Scottish, more precisely. Lyle & Scott is eyeing more and more streetwear, and the result is quite pleasing to the eye. Although the quality sometimes leaves something desired, we still have a soft spot for the Golden Eagle brand.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars


Entry-level without much relief, but crippling flaws either. It may be worth a look but worth lingering over.


Amazon has been trying to name itself in the fashion market for a few years now. If the men’s clothing from the Find brand lacks quality, those of the Meraki label deserve our attention.


At Monop’, you can find great basics at great prices. For example, white V-neck T-shirts.


Fine knit and chic cashmere is on the menu of the Montagut collections. The quality is there, but we remain hungry for style.


These Japanese basics are honest—a bit like at Uniqlo. You shouldn’t expect miracles, but given the prices, it’s normal. And next to men’s clothing, you can always find storage solutions or home fragrances at MUJI!

New Balance

New Balance sneakers have the excellent taste of inviting themselves into a casual outfit, for those who like to mix genres. Another brand asset is to offer quality shoes for runners and comfortable men’s clothing for athletes.

New Yorker

Often garish, the street style of the German brand (yes!) New Yorker is forbidden to over 30s. As for the quality, it corresponds to the prices charged. When you see a $ 7 T-shirt, you can imagine it won’t follow you for ten years.


If you are fed up with Levi’s jeans, you should take a look at the collections of Nudie Jeans. At equivalent prices, the Swedish brand (yes, again!) Offers quality fabrics—both for pants and shirts.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars

Obey Clothing

Obey draws his inspiration from the streets, with a rebellious image. But beyond this style, we must salute the quality of men’s clothing, especially T-shirts. The price is felt a bit. Even Emmanuel Macron seems seduced!


One of the best outwear brands with Pyrenex, which has the right taste to take care of its pieces’ style.

Pier One

An entry-level brand is available from Zalando. Like, Find at Amazon. Everything is said, right?

First Round

What if this is the perfect men’s shirt? Such is, in any case, the will of the creator of the mark. And for 60 euros, you have to admit that you won’t find many more qualitative shirts. We would like a little more variety in styles, but we can’t have butter …


Fans of fashion and clothing will cry scandal at the (late) Jean-Pierre Coffe: “Primark, that’s shit!” There are indeed many parts whose quality leaves something to be desired. And the low price offered is no excuse.

However, some t-shirts and accessories do the job, and Primark has announced that it wants to move upmarket. For the moment, we are still waiting …

Pull & Bear

We could copy and paste the previous paragraph here, except that Pull & Bear has probably not announced an upgrade, and the stores are prettier. Ah, and the level is a bit higher, too. But a tiny bit, eh.


One of the best outerwear brands with Patagonia, with warm, comfortable, and stylish puffer jackets.


The Decathlon brand is one of the best outwear references and Pyrenex and Patagonia (how come we repeat ourselves?). Of course, the style is relegated here to the background and even further. But for purely technical parts, we do not do better, and the price-performance ratio is excellent. And then, you know other brands in Q, do you?

Ralph Lauren

There is a bit of Fred Perry in the Ralph Lauren collections. The American brand has invested in the preppy style for many years now. Failing to reinvent itself, it remains at an acceptable level. Not everyone can say the same.


From Redskins we get the image of a biker brand specializing in jeans and leather jackets. However, the prices and the quality of these products are far from irreproachable.

Finally, perhaps it is on the side of down jackets or even shirts that there are better deals to be had.


In the galaxy of sportswear brands (with Nike and Adidas, among others), Reebok is undoubtedly the one that pays the most attention to the style of its collections. But nothing will ever replace the Pump of the 1990s.

River Island

Decidedly, Great Britain is full of elegant, inventive, and talented designers. River Island is on this list, with diverse, trendy, and accessible collections. And we don’t even have much to complain about the quality of the clothes and accessories on offer!


An impressive number of shops (more than 200 in France)… Much less remarkable quality of finish. Not everything to throw away at Sandro, far from it, but the prices deserve to be a little lower.


With the US style, inspiration comes from university campuses or the military world (# ViveLesClichés). With Schott, we are in the second category, but this is far from being a criticism. Because the bombers and perfectos offered are beautiful. And not even too expensive!

Scotch & Soda

Here is a very trendy brand that is hard to pin down. The style is excellent, the prices correct… but nothing makes it stand out. Not even the just average quality of his men’s clothes. And yet, we like it. To find out why …


Here, it’sSandro’s opposite: the brand doesn’t tell the story and offers quality entry-level products at very reasonable prices. Perfect for men new to fashion and those on a budget.


A brand of costumes “made in France,” a rarity! Bought by insurance broker Molitor in 2017, Smuggler almost disappeared from the radar. It would be a shame because the costumes offered are of (very high) quality. It is no coincidence that they were worn by Arnaud Montebourg, François Hollande, or Emmanuel Macron.


We wonder how a brand can offer such ugly sweatshirts and elegant blazers. If you take the time to dig deep, you will find pieces at Superdry that are worth a look. Too bad they are drowned in the mass of ultra-colorful streetwear-style products because the quality is there.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars


How to talk about Supreme without falling into the cliché? How can you be optimistic about a brand being discussed as much for its clothes as it is for its Oreos? Ultra-limited quantities and exorbitant prices here is the recipe for success. Fortunately, the quality remains acceptable!

The Kooples

Sandro, The Kooples, same fight? A little yes. The brand has made great efforts to improve its image. A rock and upscale image gives rise to quality collections, with a neat style, but at prices a tad too high.

The North Face

If you are looking for technical men’s clothing for hiking, you can go for it with your eyes closed. But you can also take a walk around Patagonia or Quechua. Yes, outdoor brands have their place more than ever in selecting the best brands in men’s fashion.


No, Timberland is not (only) a lumberjack brand. Yes, the adventurous style is in the spotlight. But if you want your clothes to hold up, we recommend that you limit the adventure to urban environments. Timberland is mostly a brand that does urban wear disguised as outerwear. And as such, we do nothing better than 6-Inch Boots in the shoe department!

Tommy Hilfiger

A bit like Gap, but less well. Or, at least, more random. Some rooms are well built and classy; others are just awful.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars


Nice jeans, adorable basic T-shirts too. And then almost “technical” pieces, like the ultra-light puffer jacket or the Heattech thermal men’s clothing. The brand is enjoying a huge popularity rating at the moment. It is deserved, even if all is not perfect.

Urban Outfitters

The small store that began in the 1970s in Pennsylvania has grown well, with over 200 stores worldwide to date. The strength of Urban Outfitters is the atmosphere of its stores (industrial design, loft-style, or old cinema).

When it comes to men’s clothing, UO gives pride of place to the big streetwear brands of yesterday and today (Obey, Dr. Martens, Fila, Champion…) but also offers a few pieces in their name. OK, we’ll tell you again, but our favorite thing about Urban Outfitters is the shops!


Rooted in streetwear and the world of skateboarding, the Vans brand is especially (re) known for its shoes. And they’re indeed pretty, comfortable, and affordable at the same time. On the other hand, for men’s clothing, we prefer a brand like Dickies (yes, yes, we talked about it above).


The style is British, the name is British… but the Wicket brand is French! The quality is excellent, and we like the originality of the so British suits, jackets, and plaid pants. The prices may seem high, but these clothes are worth it.

99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars
99+ Top Mens Wear Brands endorsed by Our Bollywood and Cricket Stars


Warm and comfortable wool, generous and robust down jackets, warm and elegant shirts. You will understand, Woolrich helps you face the cold weather in style. The logic for a North American brand is deeply rooted in the world of Canadian trappers. But above all, wealthy trappers.


The ultimate cowboy jeans. A real institution in the United States, the Wrangler brand remains in Levi’s shadow at home. However, the pants on offer are at least as good as those of its prestigious rival. For the rest of the catalog, however, we will show a little more reserve.

Zadig & Voltaire

The brand popularized by Frédéric Lefebvre despite himself finally goes well with the political world: style in appearance and beautiful promises. But the result is not always convincing. And it is still costly. Too expensive. Hey, doesn’t that remind you of Sandro or The Kooples?


Perhaps the best “mainstream” brand: the brand generally knows how to renew itself and is not afraid to dare – remember its men’s skirt in 2014. Be careful, however: not all pieces are created equal ( we don’t recommend jeans), especially in composition. So remember to look at the labels.

We also have a\listed out best swimwear for men. Have a Look Guys

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