13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips is a guide for a well-groomed man means to look good and feel good.

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

Grooming well is an essential aspect of today’s modern life. 13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips is a comprehensive guide to assist all alpha males in looking better and Wow.

Till the 1990s to convince a man to groom himself well and keep him neat and clean would have been the most challenging task as they all believed in a quick and a straightforward lifestyle like using a single soap bar to clean him from top to toe.

He would have never thought of using any hair serum, lip gel, night cream, or anti-ageing cream.

But, today, if you see, most of the men have their own set of tasks that they perform to groom themselves well. These have made the Fashion and fashion products industry more competitive and make room to launch several hundred products each season.

Though after watching the catchy advertisements on our Idiot Box, We are the first ones to rush to the stores and buy them. But do we know how to use them and what to do with them?

Now, to save you from all the embarrassment by wrongly using a product or to face its adverse effects, we are here to guide you and educate you to buy right male grooming products and to use them in the right way.

You got the idea of what we are going to discuss in our article. Yes, you right; we will discuss the male grooming routine.  

 Let’s Start with Face 

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

When it comes to Face, it’s the first point of getting eye contact with anyone. 

For a man, we have several things to keep in mind when you talk about 13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips.

Ideally, a man should maintain his male grooming tools and male grooming kit.

Okay, so when it comes to Face, the major tasks to be performed are Hair, Eyebrows, Lips, Teeth, and Beard.

To learn the ultimate guide to male grooming, let’s deal with each of them individually.

1. Shaving

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

To perform this task, one should have the following items. These items are an important part of our men’s grooming essentials kit.

1. Shaving Brush

Buying a Shaving brush is a onetime expense; hence one should focus on buying soft bright bristle Brush. One can buy it online on Amazon as they have several offers offered by big brands like Park Avenue. 

2. Shaving Cream

When it comes to shaving cream, every man has their own choices depending on fragrances, lather

content, antiseptic features, etc.

Many Big brands have loaded the market with loads of options, and hence it is necessary to read the contents before you decide to buy.

It will help you to avoid any king allergies or skin rashes after use.

3. Good Razor Blade

The next important thing you need for a smooth and a perfect shave is a good razor blade. You have many options like Use & Throw, Double Edge, and Triple Edge, etc.

You can buy as per your budget and requirements. Going with a safe and well-known brand is always advisable.

4. After-Shave 

When you are through with your shaving, it is always important to apply a good aftershave. It will ensure to protect you from any germs or bacteria that might grow on cuts if any.

Hence it’s rightly said that a perfect and genuine shave makes you a special kind of person. 

Here the important point to consider is that most of us tend to grow beards to look more macho and mature.

There are still many reasons to groom you with a clean face.

One of the major benefits of staying clean-shaven is avoiding all those grey and white hair in your beard that grows as your head hair turns grey and white.

And maintaining them is a big problem.

There are different reasons too. Thanks to the exfoliation the razor provides, it permits your skin to urge the foremost out of masks, scrubs, and serums to minimize spots and blemishes.

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips  includes complete care of body parts that are visible to the outside world.

Now, quickly let’s follow the correct pre and post shaving tips.

1. Feel the heat: Shaving post a hot shower helps melt the chaff and open the pores, leading to a smoother shave.

2. Preparation: Exfoliating or using an electronic cleansing brush, makes lightweight work for your razor by lifting the hairs and avoiding ingrown in the method.

3. Leave difficult spots till last: Always start from flat areas like your cheek and then move to the upper lips. Make sure to run your razors carefully in difficult curve areas like the chin and the ears.

4. Cool the burn: Immediately aftershave, the first thing you should do is splash some cold water on your Face. It can facilitate shut the pores, then apply an aftershave lotion to nourish and cool the skin.

5. Purchase the right equipment: Now it’s you to decide and buy the market’s right product. Spend some money on good brands as these things will last longer and help you to look good.

2. Beard & Moustache Trimming

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

Beard trimming and maintaining is a crucial part of 13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips.

Growing and trimming the beard is a lengthy task, and it needs lots of patience and the right fashion taste.

Celebrities often promote a style statement by maintaining well crafted and trimmed beards. They keep optimum care in choosing a style that will suit their Face.

It does not mean that you will follow the same. However, it’s best to visit the best saloon and seek advice before choosing a beard style that will best choose your personality and Face.

It is always advised by renowned barbers to avoid sturdy outlined lines to get the correct form and your beard trimmer.

It is because it makes a beard look artificial, and thus tapering the lines beneath the neck and cheekbones is always a Yes to get a natural look.

It would help if you also took care to trim your Moustaches so that they don’t cover your upper lips and the lower neck’s hair to avoid chest hair merging with them.

My Tip: Irrespective of your beard style, a complete man grooming always trim it dry.

Vital Beard Care Tips

Now, as you have a beard, welcome to our team, your welcome pack is in the post.

However, the task isn’t over: facial hair needs constant maintenance to look at its best.

Frequent cleaning is a basic beard grooming, not merely to prevent it from smelling like last Tuesday’s lasagne, but to forestall a build-up of oil and dirt, resulting in beardruff and inflammatory disease.

One should ensure to use nutritious beard oil to help to condition the rough hair strands and nourish the skin below.

My Tip: Trimming your beard at least twice a month, stimulates the blood flow to the follicles that promotes healthy hair growth and makes sure to distribute the oil to the beard’s dry ends.

3. Lip Care

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

Lips also form a vital part of our Face, and hence a soft pink and luscious lip is a dream of everyone. No one wants to carry dry, chapped lips with a dull appearance. 

If yours are cracked or dry, due to harsh weather or dehydration, lip care is very important. 

Few Important steps to follow:

Always keep your lips clean

Make sure to exfoliate the lips at least twice a week.

Do not hesitate to apply lip balm whenever required.

Some claim they’re addictive; they’re not (we checked, there’s no Lip Balmers Anonymous).

My Tip: a good balm from a chemist can serve. However, branded versions explicitly aimed at men tend to be less shiny.

4. Teeth

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

A clean white tooth is always a confidence booster to anyone. Teeth and gums are the gatekeepers to your health as they form an important task in breaking the food we eat and digest it.

The clean tooth also indicates that the mouth is free from all kinds of germs and bacteria that can develop yellow teeth and bad breath.

We should listen to our dentists and make sure to floss and brush our teeth regularly.

We can purchase an electric brush and flosser combined with a good mouthwash to keep the germs at bay.

My Tip: chew gum that contains xylitol helps to fight caries by lowering plaque build-up and enhancing lightening your teeth.

5. Eyebrows

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

Maintaining good looking eyebrows and removing all excess small hair growth around is important to look good.

Thicker eyebrows make you look bold and angry, and hence to trim them is very important.

It is always advised to visit a salon and perform a task called Threading. It would ensure that all unwanted hairs are removed, and eyebrows get a proper shape.

My Tip: Do not try this at home as one mistake can make you look ugly. Hence always visit a saloon and get it done.


When you talk about the body, it’s the complete body that we are looking for. Here the important factors include full body hair, Nails, Private Parts, etc.

Let’s discuss one by one.

6. Manscaping

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

Footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo are the perfect examples who follow complete 13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips and are proud owners of sported sleek, tanned chests for many years. 

These girls and gentlemen (actually, only gentlemen) are Manscaping.

Body hair removal and, therefore, the technique you employ may be a matter of preference.

Shaving needs preparation and may irritate, particularly in sensitive areas.

Waxing and vegan-friendly sugaring is at first painful (less over time) and provides an extended-lasting power tool look.

 Optical device hair removal and hand-held IPL devices are the most costly and, therefore, the only permanent answer to unwanted short and curlies.

For those who wish to stay their chest floor covering, underarms, and groin tidy, a hair trimmer is the best answer.

My Tip: Before you decide for any permanent hair removal, keep in mind that trends are alternate. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

7. Self-Tanning

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

In the west, self-tanning has become a part of 13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips.

You don’t have to have stayed observing David Gandy in white speedos to grasp that almost all folks look higher once browned.

However, not all tans are equal. 

The primary and sole rule is to steer further from sunbeds. No tan is well worth the exaggerated risk of carcinoma and further wrinkles.

On the far side that, whether or not you decide for a gradual or instant tan, the recommendation is the same.

Avoid over-applying and re-applying, and continually begin on recent, clean, exfoliated skin.

Always apply less to the Face as this could continually look a lot of natural. 

Please don’t wash your hands straight when you’ve tanned to avoid going away them too white and use a straw to avoid a patch around the mouth.

My Tip: guys ought to attempt a twig mist or exact product, which can be higher at obtaining through the hairs before rubbing in using a mitt.

8. Hands & Feet

Unless you’re an in-work male gigolo, your hands and feet are likely to be your body’s toughest operating extremities.

They’re typically the foremost neglected, and as a result, will catch up ailments from eczema and skin disorder to cracked heels and fungal infections.

Regularly moisturizing your hands and feet and listening to the nails (see nail care) can improve their condition and keep bound states restrained.

However, if you don’t trust yourself with the clippers, follow your favourite celebrities and sports stars and book a manicure or pedicure session for yourself.

My Tip: Always apply sunscreen on your hands’ backs as this is often where the signs of ageing and age spots and pigmentation often show up initial.

9. Fragrances

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

The world of perfumery will appear daunting with its fancy names and peculiar language, thus here’s a fast explainer. Think about fragrance like different music tunes will contain constant notes; however, it’s the order and method they vie that makes music.

The most effective fragrances are a lot of the same: An accord is a tune, and it’s created from the highest, middle, and heart notes. The most top notes are what you smell now.

These evaporate initial. Then the centre emerges, and therefore the ‘dry down’ reveals the bottom notes. What remains on your skin for the longest time is what you smell.

Fragrances are often in an astonishing style of concentrations, which decides how long they last are

well categorized in totally different families such as woody or floral etc.

The strongest and most expensive is the eau de perfume, and the smoothest is eau Delaware cologne.

My Tip:  While buying scents, don’t go by their brand names but always feel the fragrance first and see what makes you happier.

Men Makeup

David Beckham wore a suit of clothes accessorized with a flash of green eye shadow for a shoot for Love Magazine in 2019.

It is just a trend that will go a long way as it makes a man feel gorgeous.

It is said that unless you pursue a career in fashion and modelling, the aim of a male makeup should be to enhance your looks subtly or maybe hide them like in case of eye bags.

In addition to that in mind, here are several man-friendly products to research.

10. BB Creams

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

Plenty of men’ tending brands currently supply a BB shot cream as a part of their line-up.

BB Creams stands for Blemish Balm that is far lighter than foundation but works very similar to a tinted moisturizer adding various advantages like sunscreen protection etc.

11. Bronzers

Bronzers are known to correct the pigment instantly and can be washed off thoroughly. It helps to correct uneven patches, if any.

A gel-based bronzer will help you to showcase a healthy glow instead of a real dark tan. 

12. Foundation

As discussed above, foundations are stronger then BB creams.

Foundation is used to hide your skin right from spots and scars to pigmentation. It helps you to correct the uneven skin tone and redness as well.

Unlike how your barber matches your beard color to your hair shade, it is important to match your skin’s correct shade while using any foundation.

13. Nail Care

13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips
13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips

Nails are very important for us. Healthy, Pink, and lustrous nails depict a healthy body.

We tend to get a feeling of immense pleasure at times when we scratch our self with our nails. Hence it is very important to take care of them and follow a proper nail care regime.

The very primary and basic step is to keep our nails short and clean.

 You should make sure you use clean and sharp nail clippers and nail brush.

One should also not hesitate to get a manicure and pedicure sessions done as this would ensure to own your nails soaked the cuticles and dry encompassing skin removed and moisturized, the nails cut, filed, and buffed. Your hands/feet exfoliated and moisturized.

The ultimate results will be quite pleasing. It’s also a chance to sit down and relax for twenty minutes and – who wouldn’t take pleasure in that?

My Tip: Weekly check your nails, and if you find them yellowish or rough, don’t forget to see a doctor as this might be a sign of fungal infections.

I hope YOU look WOW and amazing with these simple tricks that you have learned while reading 13 Best Men Grooming Guide (August 2020-2) Tips.

You should also do regular exercise at home to stay fit and healthy.

Keep Reading and enjoying it.


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