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10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss will teach us ten easy and quick exercises for immediate weight loss.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss is a variant study that will tell you how you will feel fresh and energetic all day long if you are these 10 Best 10-minute morning workout for weight loss some exercise in the morning.

Many universities and research institutes have conducted multiple studies that prove that if we do some regular early morning exercise, that can be morning exercise for men for weight loss or morning exercise for women for weight loss we will be able to perform our complete daily tasks without any hindrances as we will be in a better mood and with a lot of energy to achieve the same.

Because morning exercise benefits a lot you will be in a fit condition, you will have sufficient strength and energy and be able to be active and vibrant amongst your colleagues, friends or even life partner. Hence you should atleast perform a 10 minute morning workout.

It has been currently established that exercise additionally boosts your brainpower. Also morning workout routine to build muscle is a good option.

Comfortable Simple Lifestyle To Follow can be easily formed with simple exercises as an integral part of it.

When people decide to start the exercises, depending on their age and gender they should do some online research and find suitable daily exercise for women or daily exercise for men or daily exercise for kids. But99% of them get stuck in choosing the right and practical exercises depending on their body type and goals. It often demotivates them, and 50% tend to drop the idea of starting to exercise daily.

As this is one of the significant hurdles that need to be covered, we thought of compiling 10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss. To motivate our valued readers we can say that these are the morning workout to lose belly fat.

Here is 10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss that will assist you to feel nice the full day long and help you to get started to achieve your goals concerning your health and fitness.

You can choose a few of them in your morning exercise routine or do all of them while not having to hit the gym. It depends on your convenience and the time you have in the morning for yourself.

One should include these exercises in their morning exercise routine to lose weight.

These exercises are also known as boost metabolism exercise in the morning.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

Let us discuss each of them in detail:

1. Bicep Curls

Equipment Required:  Dumbells

Major Muscles that work: Biceps and Triceps

Bicep curls are easy to perform the exercise and are liked by almost all men as they love to have strong arms and biceps.

You are holding the dumbbells tight in your hands with a firm grip you need to pull the weight towards your shoulders and then move back to the starting position slowly.

You can perform this exercise either standing or by sitting down.

This exercise is a blessing to those who pay a great deal of their time on the phone.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to perform this exercise:

Select a dumbbell of the right weight or any other home equipment, for example, a 1 litre of water bottle that’s easy to hold.

Stand straight or sit down by leaning a little forward a little so that your triceps will touch your thigh for additional support if needed.

To motivate yourself, you can perform this exercise in front of a mirror to see a massive bulge in your arms while performing the exercise this, in turn, will motivate you and make you feel better.

Now, you need to pull the weight towards your shoulder length.

Make sure to exhale while coming up and inhale while going back to the start position.

Here’re some essential Tips before you begin to perform this exercise:

You can either do this exercise together for both the arms or you can do it alternatively.

One should at least perform two sets of 10 repetitions each for each arm.

Make sure that you do not overdo the exercise as this may cause some severe injuries to your biceps muscles.

2. Lunges

Lunges are the most acceptable and appreciated exercise when it comes to exercise your lower bodies, especially your thighs.

Thighs muscles come under a larger muscle group, and hence utmost care should be taken while performing this exercise.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to Perform Lunges?

First of all, stand straight with feet shoulder dimension apart.

Place your hand on your hips.

Now, take one significant step forward with the right leg.

Ensure your knee do not go much forward past your toes. It will help you to maintain the right balance while performing the exercise.

Now push your body in such a way that the left knee can go all the way just above the ground level.

Perform the exercise with the alternate legs as you continue.

For better results, one should perform at least 10-15 repetitions on each leg.

As this exercise hits the major muscle group and targets to strengthen and tone the quad, glutes and hamstrings, it is advised to perform this exercise on alternate days.

For better results, one can perform this exercise with light weights using dumbbell sets.

3. Bicycle Crunches

The third and vital exercise n the list is Bicycle crunches. This exercise is right for your abdomen and love handles.

Most of the major muscle groups are involved in performing this exercise.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to Perform the Bicycle crunches?

Stay calm and lie flat on the floor on your lower back.

Place your hands behind your head to give it support and then push your knees toward your chest.

Similarly, lift your alternate shoulder from the ground and try to bring it near to your opposite knees.

Here one should be careful to not to lift or pull on your neck.

While bringing the right knee towards your right shoulder, make sure that your left leg is straight in a 45-degree angle.

While doing this exercise one should focus to see that your rib cage is moving along with your elbows.

Now you need to switch sides and make the same motion on the other side to complete one rep.

In the beginning, try to perform 15 to 20 repetitions.

4. Pushups

It is one of the most ancient and widely loved exercises in rural India. But because of its long term benefits, even the modern generation opt for it and love performing this exercise.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to perform Pushups?

Take a clean Yoga mat and lie down facing downwards holding your body up at an arm’s length.

Make sure you keep a safe distance between your hands and they should be in line with your shoulders.

Now, concentrate, and you should inhale while you bring your body downwards just above the ground level.

Make sure your hands don’t stretch out too much.

While returning to the start position, you should exhale.

For beginners, it can be not easy, and hence they can choose any one of the options.

1. With the help of the bench, you can perform this exercise by resting your hands on the court. It gives you little ease of pushing and pulling your body against the ground.

2. If you do not have a bench at home, then you can kneel on your knees and try to do this exercise as here you will avoid raising your whole body.

Beginners should try and perform at least 20 repetitions and slowly make sure to increase it to their maximum capacity. Guys love to create new records amongst their friends and gym mates while performing this exercise.

It is one of the best exercises to work out your chest, shoulders and skeletal muscles all at one go.

Also, one should note that while doing this exercise, several other muscle groups also get engaged, and they also strengthen themself.

5. Leg Squats

It is one of my favourite exercises.

While doing this exercise, it targets your thighs muscles, butts hips and knees.

It is one of the best exercises to reduce fat from your lower body.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to Perform Leg Squats?

One should stand straight by keeping a little distance in between your legs. You can keep your legs in your shoulder line.

You can either keep your arms straight, or you can touch your shoulders, whatever makes you comfortable.

Now you need to push your body downwards till you come to a right angle with your knees bent.

You can further go down if you can. But it is advised not to do so in the beginning.

Hold for 2-3 seconds and return to the start position.

While performing leg squats, it ensures knee stability, builds leg muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

6. Balancing Table Pose

It is one of the Yoga exercises. It builds and strengthens the spine, balance memory and enhances concentration.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to perform Balancing Table Pose?

With your hands and knees start with the table poses.

Make sure to take a deep breath before beginning every movement.

As you exhale, raise your left leg parallel to the ground as you increase the proper arm, parallel to the floor.

Inspire as you lower arm and leg. Repeat for the opposite side.

Ten repetitions on either side could be a smart start line.

7. Abductor Side Lifts

This exercise primarily works out your pelvis muscles, thus making them strong enough from tilting.

They also prove beneficial for your core stability.

These muscles are necessary as a result of utilizing them every day to run, get into the automobile, or onto and off a bicycle.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to Perform Abductor side lifts?

On your yoga mat lie straight on one side.

With your one hand, you can give support to your head.

Now you need to raise your left leg to a 45-degree angle and hold on for 2-3 seconds.

Now return to the start position.

As a beginner, you can perform 15 to 20 repetitions on each side.

8. Jumping Jacks

Aishwarya Rai Bachan could be a great fan of this exercise and has become “Jumper in Chief”.

If one aims to reduce body fat from the entire body, then this is the best exercise for them.

They’re a superb workout for heart health and additionally for toning muscles, particularly the calves and also the deltoids.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

How to perform the Jumping Jacks?

Stand straight by keeping a small distance between your legs.

Arms on the sides.

One need to jump spreading the legs and at the same time need to bring their hands on top of their head and bring them close does not clap.

Immediately return to the start position and perform the exercise without any break.

Faster you do better results it yields.

You can start with 25-30 repetitions and then increase to your maximum capacity.

9. Walk or a Run

It is one of the exercises for those who love nature and like to work out outdoors.

Walking/jogging or running in the parks or garden connects you to nature, supply you fresh air filled with oxygen.

10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss

However, in many instances, one cannot go out of the house; in that case, you efficiently perform these exercises on your treadmill.

One can start with walking then scale up to brisk walking, followed by jogging and then running.

Early morning and evenings are the best time to do this exercise.

If you do this along with your friend, then it will be like a pleasurable moment for you.

I have been doing this for the last three years and feel good every day.

The health advantages are extensive.

While doing this exercise, you’ll build stronger bones, and also control your weight.

Also, you’re serving your heart to remain healthy and keeping your blood pressure in control.

10. Cat Camel Stretch

It is the last but not the least exercise that you can perform this fantastic stretching exercise.

Stretching exercises are helpful for muscle toning and additionally preventing inflammatory disease. They will either be dynamic or static.

Dynamic ones like Cat Camel Stretch are notably helpful for doing different exercises in the morning.

They’re additionally useful at different times of the day, particularly once long periods of inactive work.

This one is great for spinal flexibility and could be a smart h warm-up exercise.

How to perform Cat Camel Stretch?

Kneel on your yoga mat and rest your hands on the mat

Pull your head upwards in such a way that your head meets your pelvis muscles.

Now lower and raise your head in such a way that your back is arched. It is known as a cat position.

Perform this exercise slowly and carefully.

One can perform 8 to 10 repetitions.

These 10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss are extremely helpful for toning your muscles.

Right from your arms to chest, thighs to buts are all covered in this exercise.

These are the muscles we use to choose up things after we flex the arm at the elbow; thus, we use them numerous times each day.

You may have to be compelled to incorporate a day of rest for the more massive exercises.

On the other days, you’ll do gentler stretching exercises and additionally some walking or running. Once these 10 Best 10 Minute Morning Workout for Weight Loss are performed daily will result in profitable muscle growth.

Morning exercise isn’t solely an excellent mood booster; however, it can help you keep your weight and sleep better.

I hope this article will help you choose some of these exercises to begin.

HEALTH IS WEALTH is righty said we should ensure to build up this wealth in the best possible manner.

Do send us your valued comments and feedback as that motivates us to write more for you guys.

Stay Tuned.

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